Who is The Water Resources Association?

The Water Resources Association of the Delaware River Basin (WRA) was established in 1959 by representatives from industry, public and private utilities and other organizations that had wide-ranging interests in water resources and sought to ensure public participation in the management of the Delaware River and its tributaries.

In 1961, the WRA successfully participated in the development of a federal-interstate compact and the creation of the Delaware River Basin Commission. Since then, the WRA has remained active in monitoring activities of the DRBC and other agencies of the four Basin states.

The WRA is a non-profit, non-partisan advocacy and public information organization whose stated MISSION is to promote sound water resources management within the Delaware River Basin. The WRA represents YOU— the water user and anyone dependent or interested in the Basin’s water resources.

The VISION Of the WRADRB is:

Achieving balanced and science-based water resources use, protection and management in the Delaware River Basin.

The MISSION of the WRADRB is:

  • To represent the needs of water users of the Delaware River Basin.

  • Promote sound, science-based water resources planning and management.

  • Heighten the understanding and recognition of the economic, social and environmental importance of the Basin’s water resources.


What does WRA do?

  • MONITORS the actions of DRBC and other federal and state agencies concerned with water resources management throughout the Basin.

  • ALERTS members to important public hearings, meetings, and agency decisions on Basin water issues.

  • PUBLISHES a quarterly newsletter on water-related activities in the Basin and elsewhere.

  • CREATES a forum for exchanging information and views on policies, plans and solutions affecting the Basin through scheduled workshops, seminars & conferences.

  • DEVELOPS position statements on public policy decisions related to water resources issues within the Basin.

  • PROVIDES testimony at public meetings & hearings.

  • RECOGNIZES those individuals, agencies, and companies for their outstanding contribution to sound water resource management within the Basin at an Annual Recognition Dinner. Click here for awards & achievement guidelines…

  • PARTICIPATES in agency sponsored committees that provide a forum for exchanging information and receiving public input that shapes important water resources programs and policies.

  • PROMOTES conservation and the wise use of the Basin's water resources.

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